The Florida Folk Festival,  is a three-day celebration of the music, dance, stories, crafts and food that make Florida unique.  From Irish fiddle tunes,                dancing and kumquat pie, to the wide varieties of music brought by immigrants, the state's cultural heritage reflects the lives of generations of Florida families and communities.  Throughout the Memorial Day weekend more than 300 performances that give voice and meaning to Florida's heritage.


     At the Folk Festival, you can sit with the masters who keep cultural traditions alive.  In jam sessions, demonstrations and workshops, try your own hand at playing mandolin, telling stories, or making a pine needle  basket.  Learn how to collect your family's history, call a square dance, or the importance of native plant and animal species.  Take a shopping excursion and visit with Florida's traditional and contemporary craftsmen.  Then dine on collard greens and cornbread, chicken pilau, shrimp gumbo, barbecue, curries, and lime   fizzes.  As the sun sets, settle in for concerts by   moonlight or dance the night away at the   Heritage Stage.  At the end of the day, you'll have discovered new corners of the state from the people who call Florida home. 


     For more  information contact Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center at (877)635-3655 or 11016 Lillian  Saunders Drive, White Springs, Florida  32096.  Or you can go to their website .  

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