Bicycling in Hamilton County

     A big part of tourism in Hamilton County is bicycling related and today thousands of people come to bicycling events in White Springs.  The town is grateful and appreciative of its place in Florida’s cycling scene.  Touring by bicycle provides an excellent alternative to traditional tourism in Florida, especially at this time of our lives when everyday conversation has finally started to include topics such as environmental responsibility and green energy alternatives to traditional modern travel.   How do these visitors feel about their experience here?  Here’s a comment from a Melbourne, FL participant.  “What a great time at Suwannee Bicycle Association in White Springs, FL.  We had a blast, got some great mountain biking in with some great people. The Suwannee Bicycle Association (SBA) volunteers put on some of the best events in the state of Florida and quite possibly the entire US.  Many might wonder why we drive four hours to ride a bicycle.  It is so much more!  There are great off-road and road bike rides, kayak/canoe trips, camping, hiking and I think most of all, it is the fellowship.  We met great people from all walks of life.  The great folks of SBA have not only become our friends, but are our family.  We can't wait until the next event, and look forward to assisting the club goals as much as we can.  Thanks Suwannee Bicycle Association for another great event!  We had a glorious three days and it was a very affordable vacation!”   

     The Suwannee River Bicycling Association is headquartered in White Springs. There are picturesque, well paved country roads accessible from White Springs and almost one hundred miles of off road trails throughout the immediate region.  The Suwannee Bicycle Association is a non-profit, membership organization formed to promote environmental awareness and family fitness through bicycling and other outdoor activities in the Suwannee River region. Located in White Springs, Florida, the organization seeks to help people obtain a greater understanding and appreciation of natural ecosystems, history and cultural heritage of the Suwannee River Region.  SBA conducts educational trips, bicycling, hiking and canoeing in the region, maintains a headquarters building with a library of resource materials and maps. SBA publishes and distributes educational brochures and pamphlets about the region. SBA also helps develop and maintain public bicycle, hiking, and canoe trails and helps establish environmental interpretation facilities along them.  Contact Info; visit us at